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A warm welcome to

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Erotic Massage in Frankfurt – City Relax

City Relax is the best known erotic massage studio in Frankfurt for many years now. We served as blueprint for many copycats, but are still the well known original.
Our regular guests appreciate our ladies being highly attractive and at the same time uncomplicated natural. Variety and quality of your massage services, the pleasant ambiance and our focus on discretion in dealing with our guests differentiate us.
For many people erotic massage sounds a bit dingy, somehow like places in dubious areas of town decent men stay away from.
Most probably there are massage offerings in Frankfurt which match this association.
At City Relax we have the ambition to offer our guests well-being, closeness, tenderness and relaxation in a way that is very much different from the above mentioned red light offerings. Yes, sure, it is about erotic touch at City Relax. But it is not about quick and dirty serving sexual urges. We try to create real erotic experiences.

Our Services

We have our roots in the tantra massage, but we are not a tantra studio in the classical manner. We very much respect our fellow studios specialized on tantra massage. But at City Relax we cut off the esoteric touch of it. We have the ambition to focus on the wishes, needs and desired of our guests and let them leave fully relaxed.
We are offering the full bandwith of erotic massage. The Body to Body Massage is the foundation of all of our massage services. Building on that we coddle out guests for example with the following variations:

  • Flavour massage, using special ethereal oils
  • Spanish massage
  • Whirlpool massage, starting with a foam bath full of tenderness
  • Couple massage, which allows you to enjoy your erotic massage experience jointly with your significant other
  • Dominant massage, for those of you who enjoy submission

This list is not to be seen complete. Every individual has different preferences and wishes. Let us know your wishes and we will try to fulfill them, even if and especially if your wishes are somewhat special. All of your massage treatment offer a Happy End, a full erotic relaxation. (But please not that we are not offering sex of any kind)
It is a very special experience to enjoy the massage treatments described above not just by one but even by two ladies in parallel. All of our erotic massage treatments can also be booked as synchronous massage.

Our Studio

Out massage ladies are all highly attractive young women of different types and origins. What they all have in common is a special feeling for erotic tenderness and an ability to let our guests feel this erotic through their massage treatments.
For many of our ladies massage is not their main profession, but an additional activity which they use for letting others enjoy their tenderness, beautiful bodies and erotic talent.
We tried to make our ambiance as comfortable and cosy as possible. Each room has its own theme and is decorated in a different way in order to meet different tastes.
Besides from our standard room you can decide for our Relax Lounge, which is more spacious and offers a Whirlpool


City Relax is located in downtown Frankfurt at Töngesgasse, just a few steps away from the main shopping street Zeil.
You can reach us using public transport (stations Hauptwache or Konstablerwache) or by car. There are some parking spaces right in front of our location and more at the car parks Hauptwache or Konstablerache just a 2 minute walk away.
Discretion is extremely important for our guests and we have a strong focus on that.
That is a reason why our studio is located in an usual house. Nothing but the name City Relax at the doorbell indicates that the premier address for erotic massage in Frankfurt is located there. Also in our studio discretion is key. We will make sure that during your visit you will not be seen by any other guests neither you will see them.

We would be happy to welcome you in our studio soon.
For questions or reservation we are available for you via phone 0 69 2199 7829 or mail to info@city-relax.de