Our Erotic Massages

Step into a world of pure relaxation and tingly erotic. Feel the power of touch, which lets you rediscover your body and senses. Our erotic massage treatments offer you very special heights. If alone or as a couple, at our venue or at your home or hotel – with City Relax you can expect indulgence with extraordinary sensuality, which is probably unique in Frankfurt.

Our ambition is to offer you closeness, tenderness, erotic tension and of course the related relaxation with our erotic massage. We are satisfied if you feel at ease with us, let your hair down and are willing to devote yourself completely to our tender hands and bodies.

All of our massage treatments have their origin in the tantra-massage, which honors the human body and the human being in its entirety. It teaches and communicates a certain ethos as a ritual: Delight, dignity, thoughtfulness, mindfulness, wariness, care, openness, courage and the ability to come to decisions on what is good for oneself in a self determined way.

As the art of touch the tantra massage enables an enhancement of our sensuality. It treats the body as temple of ones identity and respects the sexual nature of the human being – as sexual desire is one of the most powerful and primal sources of vitality and satisfaction.

Find below descriptions on our wide variety of massage treatments. Based on your wishes and needs we are happy to combine different types of our erotic massage.