Couple Massage

We coddle you also as a couple. See us with your partner and we will let you have an unforgettable joint experience.

Erotic couple massage is a wonderful opportunity to move back closer to each other, opening up new perspectives and to discover one self. Also for couples being freshly in love who want to provide their partnership with a special kick or for adventurous couples, which want to discover new ways of joint erotic experience, a couple massage might be what they are looking for.

Foundation of our couple massage is a tantra massage by one or – if desired – two of your girls. In order to dissolve tentativeness and to create trust and closeness we usually start with concentrating on the female part of the couple. Afterwards we will enable the both of you to have a deep relaxation by especially tender touches.

The couple massage is something very special and its course of actions very much depends on your wishes and needs. Just let us know your wishes in advance to allow us ensuring fulfillment of them.